Aagan Blogs 2.0

Hello, World! This is my new blog. I have migrated all the contents of my old blogs from Blogspot, Medium, and WordPress into this one. From now on wards, I shall be updating one and only this blog. While migrating the contents, I had done few changes which are mentioned below: Redirection of "Blogspot" into… Continue reading Aagan Blogs 2.0


D2:Introduction to SSH

SSH stands for Secure Shell. In general, SSH is a protocol that provides remote access to multiple devices connected within the same network. In order to start using SSH, the OpenSSH needs to be installed in the device. Once it is installed the connection can be created using the command ssh user@desired_IP_address -port_number Generating SSH… Continue reading D2:Introduction to SSH

D1:Basics of Linux

The term "Linux" is often familiar to all of the developers across the globe. With the habit of getting used to with Linux, it helps the student developers throughout their career in the long run. Basic Linux Commands1. cdThis command is used to change the directory.cd / Navigates you to the root directory of the… Continue reading D1:Basics of Linux


While trying to access the LMS Portal, I came across this error mentioning "ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR". And as a result, I was not being able to access the LMS Portal. I gave a try to open it using Chrome Incognito Mode. To my surprise, the portal was working fine there. I then tried to clear the cache… Continue reading “ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR” got fixed

Bookmark all currently opened tabs with a single click in Chrome

There might have been times when you've got plenty of tabs opened in your browser while you got to get busy in some other stuffs and you just don't want to close the tabs. Well, here's a perfect solution for you. I recently discovered about this feature called "Bookmark all tabs" in Google Chrome. With… Continue reading Bookmark all currently opened tabs with a single click in Chrome